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TV Footage 

John on Russian NTV discovering botrytis for the first ever "Russian Sauternes"

John on the beeb discussing the effects on Bordeaux of chinese wine tariffs. 

John on Russian TV

John on Australian TV money Program.


Press Comments

"The country's most accomplished winemaker."
Andrew Jefford, Evening Standard

"The ... Group has an admirable range of wines which I have served with pride."
Jancis Robinson MW, Financial Times

"John Worontschak's wines sing a tune which I find thrilling. God bless him - I hope they don't revoke his work permit."
Oz Clarke, Webster's Wine Guide

"Outspoken wild man of wine John Worontschak can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. His Four Corners range of wines is consistently good and represents some of the best value for money bottles I have tasted this year."
Jane MacQuitty

"Winner of five out of the last seven Gore-Browne trophies, our top wine prize, this innovative, brash wine pioneer has crammed in two decades of vintages in a dozen or more classic wine-producing countries besides Uruguay, Brazil and Mexico."
Jane MacQuitty, The Times Magazine, Saturday

"John Worontschak is the kind of brash Australian who can rub many a sensitive soul the wrong way, but who epitomizes the irreverence toward tradition allied to consummate technological skills that has transformed Australia. He arrived in England to revitalize a wine industry demoralized by consumer indifference and indifferent grape varieties by applying and Aussie attitude and fanatical attention to detail"
Oz Clarke at the New York Wine Experience, sponsored by Wine Spectator.

Client List




Czech Republic
South Africa


Yalumba Winery, South Australia
Scientific assessment of phenolic extraction during whole berry pressing for the production of quality sparkling wines.

Southcord, Penfolds, South Australia
Provision of production vintage winemaking services at Yenda, Loxton and Nuriootpa wineries, with a total production responsibility of 10 million litres.

Petaluma Winery, South Australia
First job in the wine industry while at university

Saltrams Winery, South Australia
Vintage work prior to international travels

Campbells Winery, Rutherglen,Victoria
Assistant to Colin Campbell, specialising in Fortified winemaking and design of the "Merchant Prince" Muscat blend.

College winery New South Wales, Wagga Wagga
Received the Ron Potter Scholarship and became assistant winemaker to Andrew Birks whilst studying winemaking


Aurora Co-op, Bento Gonzalves, Brasil
Making a range of wines over a six year period for UK wine emporter Ehrmanns

Bacardi-Martini Winery, Brasil
Making of a Cabernet and Chardonnay for an own label UK supermarket


Vincor, Ontario, Canada
Making of Vidal/Chardonnay and Baco Noir/Cabernet blends for own label UK supermarket


Vina Aresti, Chile
Making of a Carmenere and a Chardonnay for an own label UK supermarket


Feasibility study of building a winery and market analysis in the Ningxia region


Due diligence assessment on winery suitability for export

Czech Republic

Valtice Winery
First Flying Winemaker project in October 1993. Making of Gruner Veltliner and St Laurent for an own label UK supermarket


Valley Vineyards, UK
Design, build and implementation of modern winery at this 200 tonnes winery in Berkshire, UK. Operation of a contract winemaking service for smaller English vineyards

Harvest Wine Consultancy UK
Consultant Winemaker to: Pilton Manor, Sharpham vineyard, Taplow - Moorlynch, Mersea Island, Hidden Springs - Wickham and Pilton Manor, Somerset - Moorlynch Vineyard, Somerset - Bruisyard Vineyard, Suffolk - Sharpham Vineyard, Devon - Wickham Vineyards, Hampshire

Harvest Wine Group, UK
Creation of a 13 client/member vineyard co-operative to market and promote English wines to the UK multiples

Denbies Wine Estate, UK
Production consultancy, wine style development and market evaluation and penetration for wines from this 100 hectare estate - the largest vineyard and winery in the UK. Host to the inauguaral International Sparkling Wine Symposium


C.V.S. Co-op, Loire Valley
Production of a Chenin/Chardonnay blend for the Four Corners label

Blasimon Co-op, Bordeaux
Production of Sauvignon Blanc for the Four Corners label

Gardegan Co-op, Bordeaux (project winemaking)
Production of Merlot for the Four Corners label

Hugels et Fils, Alsace
Vintage winemaking services for the vintage period for this premium French house

Domaine Marshall, Burgundy
Vintage winemaking services for the vintage period for this premium French house

Chateaux de Beaulieu, Provence
Winemake project for UK retailer

Ornaison Co-op, Narbonne
Winemaker project for UK retailer

Val Jo Anis, Provence
Making Rose for an own label UK retailer


Ungstein Co-Operative, Reinfaltz, Germany
Making Riesling for an own label UK retailer


Making a range of wines of UK Importer Ehrmanns


Indus Wines, Nasik
Design of the first gravity flow premium winery in India. Consultation and implementation of procedures to produce a range of dry and off dry premium Indian wines.


Sasslove winery
Production consultancy for this boutique winery in Israel, focused on the domestic kosher wine market

Segal winery
Production consultancy for this mid-sized winery in Israel, focused on the international wine market

Dalton Winery
Provision of design and build consultancy for a new instillation winery, designed to produce ultra premium, boutique kosher wines from this 800 tonne winery is now one of the most financially successful wineries in Israel


Chiantigiani, Tuscany
Creation of a new world feel Chianti for own label UK supermarket

Mezzacorona, Trentino
Making a range of wines for a UK importer

Friulvini, Friulli
Making over a number of years the no 1 selling Pino Grigio in the UK market for an own label UK supermarket

Beriolo, Friulli
Making a range of wines for a UK importer

Vinimar, Marches
Making a range of wines for a UK importer

Joint venture with UK importer to produce the Made in Modena brand

Cantina Grotte del Sole, Napoli
Making a range of wines for a UK importer

Tollo, Abbruzzo (project winemaking)
Due diligence assessment on winery suitability for export

Calatrasi, Sicily
Consulting on all aspects of production in this large and modern facility including market penetration in the UK

Rapitala, Sicily
Due diligence assessment on winery suitability for export

Dolianova Co-op, Sardinia
Making of a range of wines for own label UK supermarket


Casa Madero
Market reorientation and production redesign for a spirit-based company moving into production of premium 1000 tonne winery. Considered to be the finest winemaker in Mexico


NIS Western Enterprise Fund
Performing a due diligence on three wineries to assess investment potential

European Bank of Reconstruction EBRD
Detailed report outlining the Moldovan wine industry structure and financial future with respect to production and marketing realities

Lion Gri
Overviewing and reporting on all aspects of production in this large and geographically dispersed operation

Imperial Vin
Consulting to this winery with improvements in the 1 million case brand Dysha Monaxa


Tacama, ICA
Making of a Chenin Blanc and a Merlot for an own label UK supermarket


Making Pinot Noir and Fetyaska for an own label UK supermarket


Fanagoria Winery - Temryuk
Restructuring of all aspects in the production of this 2000 Ha estate and the establishment of its first premium wine styles.

Myskhako Winery, Novorossisk
Set up and planning in all aspects of wine production, marketing and sales for a hyper premium privately-owned 600 hectare estate winery. Now regarded as the best winery in Russia

Villa, Victoria, Leninsky Put

Strategic planning from onset of tho anew boutique venture.


South Africa

Graham Beck Wines
Production consulation in this premium South African winery to improve the product range for international focus

Douglas Green Bellingham
Design and development (vineyard, fermentation process, packaging) for Douglas Green wine brand and acting as "brand champion" in the UK market with agent Western Wines.


Bodega Luis Gurpegui
Making a range of wines for a UK importer


Urbuz, Izmir
Employed to create Turkey's finest red winesm in this boutique ultra premium winery

Fidelity Consultancy, Istanbul
Ongoing consultancy on all aspects of the global wine business

Doluca, Istanbul
Joint venture in the "Two Continents" brand that blended grapes from both Europe and Asia


Due dilligence assessment on winery suitability for export


Due diligence for a Dutch investment bank on production facilities and sales opportunities on a 40 million bottle per annum wine company seeking investment.


Clos du Bois, California, USA
Detailed assessment of safety in the workplace for this quality, mid-sized winery in the Sonama County, a premium wine region of the USA

Delicato, St Louis Obisbo, California, USA
Designing wines for UK importer Ehrmanns

Falls Creek Vineyard, Texas, USA
Evaulation of production and wine styles for this boutique Texan winery, specialising in wine for the premium US market


Castillo Viego, Uruguay
Making a range of wines for UK importer Ehrmanns


John currently works with the clients below:


John completed his BSc in Winemaking in 1984 and was awarded the prestigious Ron Potter Scholarship after being encouraged into the wine world by Australian winemaking legend Brian Croser, whilst he was studying Geology at Adelaide University.

After working as Assistant Winemaker at Campbells' winery in Rutherglen, and Saltrams in the Barossa Valley, John embarked on a five-year world tour. By hemisphere-hopping he rapidly built his knowledge of world wine production practices. As one of the first "flying winemakers" John worked for Yalumba, Penfolds (Nooriotpa, Yenda and Loxton) in Australia, Clos du Bois in California, Hugels in Alsace, and Domain Tim Marshall in Nuits St Georges, Burgundy during the 1980s.

Settling in England in 1990, John set up Harvest Wine Consultancy based at the Thames Valley Vineyard in Twyford, Berkshire. He developed a client base of English vineyards and wineries, and helped transform the English wine industry. The succeeding years saw Harvest's clients win many English wine awards, including the Gore-Brown trophy - the top accolade - five out of six years. Following this success, John formed the Harvest Wine group, a co-operative marketing venture, which worked to cement the place of English wines on British high street retail shelves.

In 1993 John began consulting to wineries worldwide. His first venture was to the Czech Republic. Since then winemaking and consultancy projects have taken him to Australia, Canada, USA (California and Texas), Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, China, France (Provence, Bordeaux, Alsace and the Loire), Germany, Spain (Valencia and La Mancha), Italy (Friuli, Tuscany, Campania, The Marche, Sicily, Sardinia and Trentino), Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Israel, Turkey, Serbia, Russia, Moldova, India and South Africa.

Today John is a sought after wine business consultant and works with wineries and winery investment groups the world over. As well as consulting to wineries through Worontschak Wine Services Ltd he is Managing Director of Litmus Wines Ltd , a director of Elevage Ltd , a non executive Director at Casa Madero winery in Mexico, Winemaker at Denbies Wine Estates and a panel chairman at the International Wine Challenge. He is a regular contributer to industry debates and a commentator to the trade and on radio and TV. John travels widely to international wine fairs, symposium and to his global client base.

John lives in Notting Hill Gate, London with his wife and two sons.

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